Assuredly, the most heartfelt unique and meaningful Ceremony, you have ever experienced.  From a theatrical performance, a medieval wedding,  or a science fiction theme;  whatever  you have always dreamed about, I will help you create it.

As a Certified Celebrant, I get to know my couples needs and desires, through a process of reflective listening and feedback.  The result is a planned process, that evolves into your perfect service.

What themes and feelings do you want to feel on your Wedding Day?  What feelings do you want your guests to have?  I will design your service to meet your desires.

You can be as involved in the planning of your Service, as you wish.  Where you do not have a preference, I can offer suggestions.

You will have approval of every word, ritual, and reading.

Both of you get to choose the level of religious depth for your service, from not at all, to a full array of sacred readings, and blessings.

I have performed Hindu, Baptist, Moslem, Christian, Catholic and Jewish traditions and services, with almost every combination therein.  I truly enjoy finding commonalities to suit any couple!  All rituals and readings are performed professionally, with dignity and respect.

An interview without  obligation or cost  will let us know if we would like to work together.  Meetings can be in a quiet hotel lobby, or when necessary by phone or Skype.

Want to get married but don’t know where, or want to spend a ton of money on it. Here’s an option convenient to the…

Posted by Celebrant Ronald Hunt; Officiant on Sunday, August 9, 2015