Reverend Ronald Hunt

     After performing Weddings, I am often approached by several friends and family members of the Wedding party. After the customary “that was amazing”, “ I’ve never been to a Wedding like that”, the next question is usually how I came to my practice as a Celebrant. I smile and usually say something, like, “through another Minister”.

     It certainly is the truth, but not the whole story. In the fall of 2007, I was dating a Minister, and had gone on several interviews with her, to talk to engaged couples. She and the couples were very excited by the energy and reflective listening skills that I displayed, as we all talked about their wedding day. I was always asked whether I was a Minister.

     My friend was insistent, that this was a degree I should pursue, and my answer was always the same, “I’m already working two jobs, and dating you, which should I give up?

      Shortly thereafter, fate decided that I should give up my day job for six months, certainly not by my design. I had been doing roofing for ten hours on my day off, and taking tools down a ladder at the end of the day. My Timberland boot slipped on a ladder rung, sliding through and sending me first upward, and then down. I shattered my leg and decimated my ankle, something called a Pilan fracture. Loosely translated from the French, it means, “You sir, are in a heap of trouble”.

     My Minister friend contacted the Celebrant Institute, on my behalf, and arranged for an accelerated course in Weddings, that could mostly be completed through distance learning. She also sweetly reminded me that now, I really had no other choice.
     And so, I read coursework, participated in classes, researched and wrote, wrote, wrote, and learned more about different traditions and cultures,  than I had ever imagined.

     This has made me the multi-cultural Minister that I am today. As a Universalist, I am uniquely qualified to bring couples of different beliefs and faiths together.  I can create a mosaic of different readings and rituals, performed with dignity and respect. This has filled me with an appreciation and understanding of other  cultures, which in turn has brought me much joy and serenity.

      Also, by being with my couples on their wedding days, I came to understand that a wedding is an extraordinary event in our lives. It is one of the few occasions where we have the chance to stand in the power of ceremony and notice that each of our lives has meaning.

I bring a lifetime of writing and public speaking to my practice.  I specialize in identifying potential stressors ahead of time, so that their Ceremony is smooth and joyful.  It makes all the difference to my couples.

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